fehr wms | The software solution for your automatic storage system
fehr wms | The software solution for the automation of your handling systems
fehr wms | The software solution for all your storage area
fehr wms | The software solution for Cutting optimization and saw connection
Warehouse management, WMS, cassette management... we can offer you this and much more. But we would much rather work out for you what you really need. Years of experience have confirmed that our customers are best served when our software adapts to your requirements and does not prescribe structures that are not adapted to your internal processes. Our customers often say "material to man instead of man to material", with us you get "solutions for your requirements and no requirements from our solution". Due to our experience in the field of warehouse management we are not only a competent software partner, but also have industry-specific knowledge, so that you can save time and nerves to explain processes that we already know.